About Us

FranDelJA Enrichment Center Leadership

Board Members
Chair                Tobin (Toby) B. Gabriner
Treasurer          Dion-Jay (DJ) Brookter
Member            Gladys Harris
Member            Sandra Young
Member            Marquez Gray
Gladys Harris and Sandra Young
The board's mission is to offer the children and families of our disenfranchised community the resources to level the playing field of educational and social opportunity. 

This dedicated group of individuals brings a wealth experience, influence, diversity and professionalism to FranDelJA. Along with the Founders, the board is committed to providing leadership and support to facilitate growth for children, families and staff.

If you are interested in joining this dynamic group contact us at info@frandelja.org.
Join us and make a difference!                     

FranDelJA was established in 2000 to meet the needs of children and families residing in the Bayview Hunters Point Community

This was the culmination of a lifelong vision of two local women who dreamed of enriching the community they resided in and loved. Gladys Harris and Sandra Young, sisters, managed to ignite the imagination of the various community leaders who also saw the need for high-quality programs in our community.

Realizing the need for a high-quality childcare facility, Ms. Harris and Ms. Young, brought FranDelJA Enrichment Center to the community. Known as FranDelJA, the center has been honored and celebrated for the work that it continues to provide for the children of the community.

We realize that the parent is the first and primary teacher for every child.  At FranDelJA,we believe a child's success is directly correlated to the success of the parent/guardian; we must include encouraging and guiding families if we are to truly be partners.
We strive to develop mutually supportive partnerships between families and our programs.  Working together we can support children to develop a life-long love for learning.

In a mutually supportive partnership, parents can give as well as receive; familes become decision makers in a program that is geared to support their child and their parenting skills.

We provide parents the security that their child is receiving safe, and healthy childcare, high-quality educational support, and a foundation that establishes the hope of their child's future success.