Enrollment Process - Child Development Services

Certification Regulations

The California Department of Education Child Development Division, has implemented new regulations for families to qualify for subsidized child development services. This is a step-by-step process to enroll your child in FanDelJA Enrichment Center California Subsidized Child Development programs that we provide.

The new certification regulations require parents to take responsibility to submit all of the requested documentation that are needed to determine weather or not their family is eligible for state subsidized childcare. New forms and procesures will guide this process.

Income Eligibility Process

Income eligibility is required for all subsidized childcare. How income eligibility is determined:
Income eligibility is determined by the amount of money that is received by all adult members of the family who provide financial support for the family. The total family income in relationship to the size of the family determines income eligibility.

Size of family includes the children in the family who are counted in the family, and all of the adults who take responsibility to care for children in the family.

Need for childcare is required for all subsidized childcare. How need for childcare is determined:
Subsidized childcare services are offered to families who meet the income eligibility requirements and who demonstrate that none of the adults who are reqponsible for the care of the child/ren in the family is able to care for the children for one of the following reasons:

How to get started

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