Our Programs

Child Development Learning Activity Goal
To offer the children and families a program that provides the opportunity to succeed in an environment with a wide range of developmentally appropriate activities and well trained staff that will foster the physical, intellectual and emotional growth of children ranging in ages 6 weeks to 5 years of age.

FranDelJA Enrichment Center Programs

Infant Program
The infant program is designed to give each child the optimum conditions to develop trust and form close bonds with caregivers. Whenever possible, caregivers will match the culture and the home language of the child and the same caregiver will stay with the child throughout the child’s experience in the infant classroom. Routines for feeding, diapering, sleeping and indoor / outdoor play are individualized and intimate. All aspects of the child’s day are discussed as we collaborate with parents. This collaboration reassures working parents that their children are well cared for and loved.

Toddler Program
The Toddler program provides a balanced day with healthy food and naps in a home-like environment. Additionally the program offers children the room to climb, swing and move their growing bodies. Caregivers are sensitive to the toddler’s first exploration as an individual. In collaboration with parents, we build the foundation for the “Trusting Twos”.

Preschool Program
The Preschool program is designed to capture the natural, active curiosity of 3 through 5 year olds. Through enhanced play, the arts and a cultural sensitivity, children build self-esteem, creativity, friendships, and critical thinking skills. Our classrooms and play-grounds provide the natural setting for building strong bodies and observing the natural world.



FranDelJA Enrichment Center Enrichment Programs


Jump Start San Francisco Preschool Program
We offer the Jump Start San Francisco program that provides college student role models in the classroom several times each week providing literacy support to preschool children struggling in early learning programs.

Learning Activity Areas

FEC Five Areas of Primary Program Focus and Activities are:

  • Social Emotional Development
  • Cognitive Development
  • Language Development
  • Physical Development
  • Nutrition Education

Staff Support

Ongoing Staff Development and Rentention

  • We recruit, hire and retain qualified staff for all program components; staff that are culturally, racially and linguistically appropriate for the families and are a good fit for the center’s culture.

  • Ongoing staff development insures that children experience a safe, healthy, and nurturing program that will encourage them to be lifelong learners.