My new office window [view] at FranDelJA Enrichment Center.

Leaving behind the old Candlestick park empty lot view, for this much busier one.

Thank God for a new building fitted with indoor heat in my office (my old heater competed with the classroom heaters, and blew cold air when the kids needed heat in the rooms), distance from my office to the bathrooms (so I will no longer hear flushes all day long), and for the opportunity to continue to create with children.

I am looking forward to the love and never-ending hope and faith in our next generation that keeps me watching them grow, being led by their thoughts, and helping them overcome challenges to build their resilience and become a part of their community.

God has the wheel and is the best leader!

Happy New Year everyone! May you all be safe, healthy, and happy!

Dianne A.
FranDelJA Site Supervisor – Programs

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