Happy Fall and happy fall back!

The fall back time change is my personal favorite as we get an extra hour of sleep, but then the reality hits.

Time change can be hard on all of us, but it can be especially hard on young children. 

Here are four tips to help make the transition a little easier for the entire family:

  1. First, it is suddenly dark so much earlier. Children can become confused and even anxious when it’s dark already and they are still at school. “Last week we played until 5:00, but now the sun is setting.”

  2. It takes a few days for our bodies to adjust to a new sleep pattern. Children may not feel sleepy at the regular bed time.

  3. These changes to our bodies routines are not just hard on young children, but the entire family. Take it easy this week and give grace for the struggle of the adjustment.

  4. Take deep breaths and practice good self care for yourself and your little ones.

Tracy List
Executive Director
FranDelJA Enrichment Center


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