Congratulations to our FranDelJA Teachers: Peaches Jones (Caterpillar Team), Jasmine Green and Jessica Hobson (Ladybug Team) for their outstanding representations at the Citywide Festival of Learning this year!

Left to right: Coach Shirley Chew of The i3 Institute; San Francisco Department of Early Childhood Education Representative, name unknown; Teacher Peaches Jones; Teacher Jasmine Green; Teacher Jessica Hobson; and Jennifer De Los Reyes, Program Director for San Francisco Department of Early Childhood Education.

The Citywide Festival of Learning is an annual professional development event that brings together early educators to share innovative teaching practices through interactive presentations and posters.


Your contributions were an outstanding, thoughtful, and engaging co-facilitation of children!

Stepping up and stepping out is not always as easy as you may have initially intended, but you pressed through and shared what you have learned anyway, offering leadership to those coming up the Early Childhood Education ladder after you. Keep up the awesome innovations with children!

FranDelJA is thankful for your passion!

We hope that you will receive great feedback for the work that you have done with our children and that you will continue this level of dedication and love for the children/families that we serve.

Additional thanks:

Much respect and appreciation for Coach Shirley for innovating and teaching us all year!

Gratitude for Coach Naoko for being hands on, thoughtful with us, and so resourceful in the support. An obvious testament to the innovation of the Early Childhood Field and the power of teaching!