Spring is in the air!

With the short days and rainy weather of winter, our kids weren’t the only ones begging to get out. We tend to go to work shortly after sunrise and it’s usually “dark o’clock” by the time we get home. Our family time during the week is often limited to indoor lighting until the weekend comes and weather permitting, we can try to get outside and enjoy a little daylight as a family. As parents, we know that our children are watching everything that we do, so we try to make the best of it, but even the best of parents can find themselves experiencing the “winter blues” that can accompany the decrease in serotonin and vitamin D3 levels that happens during these shorter days.

While we still have some rain in the forecasts, it’s important to make the time for a little sunshine as much as you can. Just be sure to remember the sunscreen even when it seems cloudy out.

Here are a few ideas of outdoor fun things for families with young children here in the Bay Area:

  1. Enjoy a family walk or bike ride and explore your neighborhood together. Try and find something new that you hadn’t noticed before!
  •  Enjoy a garden, even if it’s not yours! The Bay Area has several garden attractions that will leave you and your children in awe of nature!
  • Take a hike to one of these kid friendly hiking areas that allow the family to get out and get a little exercise without traveling too far from home!
  • Get your hands dirty amidst a naturally beautiful shoreline at Crab Cove Beach!

Even on rainy days, don’t let the weather keep you down as the Bay Area offers exciting ways to enjoy the rain together as families!


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