Dear Families and Staff,

I love the changes that autumn brings. The transition to cooler temperatures and reduction in sunlight with shorter days takes a little getting used to, but its beauty remains unmatched by any other season! In our area, we can see trees in various stages all season, it can even seem chaotic. In preparation of the coming cold, most trees stop sending energy to their leaves and the leaves change from shades of green to glorious shades of red, orange, and yellow. It’s a majestic time of transition in preparation of what’s to come, as for most tree species this season of transition needs to happen for it to survive the winter and successfully bloom in the spring!

We have so much on the horizon. We’re coming upon our season of transition – it will have its challenges, but it comes with a promise as we get ready to bloom! At FranDelJA we work hard to create a place that feels safe and familiar, but like home, especially throughout times of transition like we are having now. As we do every season, we will continue to work together to give our children the very best care and help one another through the transition!

We have so much to be thankful for this season! We have made it through so many challenges together – and we’re still here serving the children and families that we love so much! I’m grateful to have you all as part of our team, and for the families that we call family! I’m thankful that we have a center that will allow us to continue to care for each and every one of those children in our FranDelJA family! Like the trees put on a beautiful display as they say goodbye to the leaves of the past, we too will transition with grace and gratitude for what’s to come!

Over the next few days, I hope you find time to relax, reflect, and enjoy those that are important in your life. 

From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

Tracy List, Executive Director


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